Best hockey betting strategies: game secrets

Hockey is one of the most popular sports among betting enthusiasts for several reasons: the bookmaker lines for each of the three periods are as wide as for the whole match, which opens up additional opportunities for the game, and the dynamism of the sport pushes the viewer to bet in live mode.

Are there win-win hockey betting strategies?

Before choosing a working strategy for the game, remember that sports betting is not a way to earn money, but only entertainment, which is designed to increase interest in watching sports events.

There are no win-win strategies – betting is always associated with the risk of losing. However, with the right approach and selection of a working strategy, it is possible to minimize rash, and therefore obviously losing bets.

You must be prepared to take risks both financially (do not bet more than 3-5% of the total pot that you can afford to set aside for the game) and psychologically (bets should increase the interest and pleasure of watching sports results, and not spoil the mood ).

Best ice hockey betting strategies

Total bets

In this tactic, bets are made on the total over 4.5, with an emphasis on the statistical performance of the teams. Before placing a bet, you should pay attention to a number of factors:

Club performance. It is better to focus not only on the state of affairs in the current season, but also pay attention to the number of goals in team matches over several seasons.

Championship stage. As the experience of the current regular season has shown, clubs score more at the beginning of the season.Betting on the losing team in the playoffs

In playoff matches, even between teams with obvious class differences, it’s rare to see a 4-0 series in a series. The wins of the favorites in the series are natural, but only occasionally are they so devastating.

Therefore, this hockey betting scheme implies a bet on the victory of the “catching up” team – the one that is inferior in the series and is eager to win back. Plus, bookmakers give fairly high odds for outsiders. Of course, this is a strategy with a high risk of losing a particular bet, but due to the high odds on outsiders winning, it can be successful at a distance.

Period rates

The essence of the strategy is to bet on performance in a specific period: many teams score more goals in a certain twenty-minute period.

What to pay attention to?

This strategy is based on the statistical indicators of the teams – the more productive the club is in the last twenty minutes, the higher the chances of winning. However, individual factors also affect each specific match:

Flight duration. No matter how productive the team was in the last twenty minutes, a long flight can affect the physical condition of the players, which can prevent them from showing their usual game at the end of the game.

Game Density. The high density of games also affects the condition of hockey players – the higher it is, the less likely they are to be active in the last twenty minutes.

Pros and Cons of hockey betting strategy


  • most of the presented strategies show a good ROI at a distance;
  • all the necessary statistics are publicly available on the KHL/NHL websites;
  • none of the strategies uses a catch-up Multiple increase in the amount for betting.


  • can be unprofitable at short distances;
  • some (like betting on the losing team in the playoffs) can only be used during a certain part of the season.

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